our work


Our story began all the way back in 1990, when our founder, Sue, was still working for Essex Police. With a growing number of calls about wild animals in need of help, her first ever patient was an orphaned fox cub, and it all spiralled from there! Having owned ponies and been involved in cat rescue, Sue’s passion quickly grew and, before long, the fledgling charity, then called ‘Thurrock Wildlife Concern’, moved out of her back garden and into her parents smallholding in Orsett.
Naturally, they were less than thrilled with this, but agreed to let Sue run the charity from their land for three months whilst she found a more suitable home…


Fifteen years later and, in a bid to finally get her to move out, Sue’s parents generously gave their parasitic daughter her early inheritance – half of the fields belonging to the property so that a purpose-built facility could rise up. Having sold her house and possessions to fund the move, planning permission was finally granted after local councillors noted that more people had signed a petition of support for her than had voted in the last election!

Thus, in 2009 we moved into our forever home - South Essex Wildlife Hospital. After a few years, Sue met Tom, a vet from Slovakia who started volunteering his services. The two hit it off and, for the last ten years, have dedicated every waking hour to the rescue!


Now in a permanently sleep-deprived state, the pair head up one of the largest wildlife rescue centres in the country. Dealing with more than 10,000 admissions and answering more than 20,000 calls for help each year, the centre now costs over £1,000 a DAY to run!

No animal is ever turned away and the team will do everything they can to give any animal the best chance at recovery.