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Monday 24th February 2020, 0:30

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

Blue light taxi for mr swan to south essex wildlife hospital 😁😊 PC Gunshon aka Sgt Angel and our guest PC Chapman assisted with an incident in Basildon town centre where a Swan was found in a distressed state.Our resident hero cop managed to coax the swan into our car and take it to a Wildlife recovery centre.We are hopeful for a full recovery... for both the swan and PC Gunshon ... See MoreSee Less

Blue light taxi for mr swan to south essex wildlife hospital 

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Isn’t there an old law that all swans are property of the crown! 😁

Well done indeed and very brave! Swans can be just as naughty as a bad tempered drunk on a Saturday night👏🏼

Wonderful thank you & good luck on the swan recovery xx

Well done Essex Police and south essex wildlife hospital xxxx

Aw hope the swan is ok and recovering- 😘 for Sgt Angel 😇

Aaaw! bless them xxx

Well done everyone! 🦢👍

Well done! 👏🏻

That face ☺️

Looks happy having a car ride

For the greater good....

He looks horrified - it is only a swan

I see this😂😂

Well done

Awww well done!!!

No luck catching them swans, then? Its just the one swan, actually

Bless your hearts boys. Passenger were less trouble than most you pick up i bet ? x

Well done !!

Morning ‘angle’


Andrew this is what happened 😂😂

Laura Southgate Sophie Walton

Trevor Smith, isn't this great?

Sandra Lemons!


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Sunday 23rd February 2020, 11:37

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

We are looking for new and reliable release sites for our hedgehogs in the spring. We are getting more and more hedgehog admissions every year and with us humans creating more and more hazards for our spiky friends, we are limited in our choice of release locations. In order to be considered, you must have evidence of proven habitat. If you haven't got hedgehogs visiting, then there is likely to be a valid reason for their absence. Below is our full criteria which needs to be met. If you meet all the criteria and would like to help, please send your full address with postcode, contact number, and if possible, photographs of your garden and suitable habitat to Sharon Davies at Please e-mail ONLY with the above information. I genuinely do not have the time to respond to facebook comments on the actual post. Please don't forget your contact details and postcode and super please make sure you meet the criteria below before e-mailing. Ideally, we want to find the best possible habitat available, so woodland without badgers and away from built up busy roads, is preferable. CriteriaProven habitat, evidence of existing hedgehogs in the area.*no enclosed gardens, they need access to several which are of suitable type*no badgers or hedgehog munching dogs*no access to poisons, slug pellets, swimming pools, high sided ponds, bonfires,uncovered drains, low hung netting or traps*no busy or dangerous roads.*no parks or playing fields.they do need;woodland and hedgerow, good foraging areas were they can find insects and nesting materials. access to a nest box and we would want you to provide food for them at least till they decide they don't need you any longer. ... See MoreSee Less

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Lisa Clark you know more about hedgehogs than me. Do you think that bit of garden by the side of my cottage would be any good for this?

Aah thanks Ciara there could be 2 problems, one is I back on to the school playing field/playground and the pond. I'll investigate more. Thank you xxx

Clair Brown mums garden would be great - especially with Ernie’s garden next door! Xxx

Jess Higgins maybe your folks would be happy to assist. As we know they visit xx

Shared xx

Ruth Collins your garden already has hedgehogs visitors x


Mum. Diane Hiskett.x

Steven James Pointer can you release hoghedges in your new garden?!

Lisa Feeney 🐾🦔 xx

Corrine Turnbull xx

Lee Yiddo Fortis xxx

Gemma Mcclenaghan would you be interested?

Acres Way Boarding and Rehoming Centre xxxxx

Narod Naimad?

Sunday 23rd February 2020, 11:30

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

We are in need of towels if anyone has any please ... See MoreSee Less

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I'm in Harold Hill and due to do a drop soon. If anyone can't taken towels themselves let me know by messenger. I can collect locally or bags can be dropped off in my front garden. As far as I am aware they don't accept duvets.

We have a whole bag saved for you but I don’t drive. I don’t know if you have any volunteers dropping past Basildon anytime. If you do, they can pick them up from us x

I have a bin bag full of towels we are getting rid of. Where do they need dropping off?

I have some, my husband will drop them off this week. x

Is it just towels? Im moving and have 3 duvets and a tonne of duvet covers and sheets that I no longer need if they would be any help.

I have a bag - is Emma (Vets4Pets) still working for you? I can give them to her as I don't drive and I'm miles away.

I am at 66 Mildmay Road in Romford. If you want to drop stuff off I will deliver it.

I have a bag of cloth nappies, I have boiled washed them. I shall pop them in the post x

Where are you? We have a big bag full, wasn't sure who to give them to!!

I’ll drop some off in the next couple of days ☺️

Just dropped some off xx

I have some again. Will drop Tuesday xx

I have a few quilts if they are of any use

We have some at work will drop some off 😘

I have some ill drop them off in the week x

Do you need newspapers xx

We have some that I will drop i this week

We’re do they need dropping off please?

I may have some I can drop over tomorrow

Shared x

Where can we drop them?

Lori Anne Stevens see i told you we need new towels

Dawn Amor

Jeanne Crane

Val Woods Mike Woods may be of interest if you’ve still got those bits to get rid of?

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