Welcome to South Essex Wildlife Hospital

Dedicated to putting ‘life’ back into the ‘wild‘, SEWH is a wildlife rescue, rehabilitation and public advice charity. We care for sick and injured wildlife and aim to release animals back into the wild.

No injured or sick animal is turned away. SEWH relies entirely on donations.

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

If you find a sick, injured, baby animal or bird please call us on 01375 893893 for advice on what to do. See HERE for more details.

Our AGM is being held at the hospital on Monday 16th May 2016 at 7PM


There is a new crossing planned from Essex to Kent. This will be a disaster for Thurrock. Option C  in particular will be within 500 yards of our wildlife hospital and the construction is very likely to mean our facility could face demolition. The crossing would cut across a huge area of green belt and the associated development will wipe out hundreds of acres of wildlife habitat currently supporting an enormous about of wildlife and many protected species.
PLEASE PLEASE share this with everyone you know, we do not want ANY of the 3 options.   It is imperative that as many people as possible, particularly Thurrock residents object to this crossing.   We collected 27000 signatures to support our new hospital building when the planners initially refused us permission and those signatures  are urgently needed again. Our new hospital has been here only 3 years and we don’t want our vital facility to be under concrete and the animals we save have nowhere to go.


PLEASE HELP STOP THIS DISASTER BY CLICKING HERE and sign the petition against the new crossing.

Please also click HERE to send a petition to the UK Government Ask all your friends to sign it.


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