South Essex Wildlife Hospital has at long last begun the construction of our new wildlife hospital. This huge project has been well supported by public and company donations for which we are eternally grateful. Purchasing further equipment for the hospital together with the construction and landscaping of the rehabilitation facilities will complete the project.

We are often asked what we most need sponsorship for so have compiled a “wish list” of our immediate needs. Although not an exhaustive inventory (and of course we still have our current equipment) it does give a general picture of the support our patients need. We have not, for example, included the costs of food, bedding and medications. If you would like to make a gift there is a “price range” suitable for everyone. We envisage the larger items will carry a notice of the sponsors’ details if so desired.

For further details or enquiries please contact us at the hospital.  Thank you.

Wish List:

Hospital Equipment (Medical) Medical Sundries
Anaesthetic Machine £800 Autoclave Tape £5
Autoclave Machine (for sterilising surgery tools) £3000 TST Strips £10
Dental Machine £1000 Instrument Tape £8
Diathermy Unit £1500 Sterilising Tags £25
ECG Recorder £400 Suction Tubes £15
Endoscope £400 Endotracheal Tubes £20
Infusion Pump £200 Endotracheal Tube Rack £50
Centrifuge Machine (x2) £600 (each) Suture Material £30
Operating Theatre Light £4000 Surgical Blades £15
Ultrasonic Cleaner £200 Kidney Dishes £10
Pulse Oximeter £200 Kick Bowl £50
Veterinary Scale £250 Cotton Wool (Bulk) £5
Suction Pump £600 Face Masks £10
Ultrasound Machine £3500 Aprons £10
Operating Table £1500 Surgical Hats £15
Haematology Machine £1500 Gloves (150 Pairs) £100
Biochemistry Machine £1500 Dental Instruments Kit £150
Examination Table` £1000 Surgical Glue £5
X-Ray Table £1500 Bandages (Box of 24) £30
X-Ray Machine (Digital) £30,000 Dressings (Box of 10) £15
Drip Stand £200 Surgical Instrument Kit £75
Clippers £100 Clipper Blades £20
Hospital Furniture Manual PVC Reader £60
Bathrooms (x2) £1000 (each) Examination Gloves (Box) £5
Set of Ward Cages (x3 Wards) £10,000 (each) Blood Tubes (100) £25
Cupboard and Sink Unit (x3 Wards) £1000 (each) Microscope Slides £10
Prep Room Kitchen £2000 Fluid Giving Set £7
Staff Kitchen £1500 Catheters (Box of 10) £10
Office Furniture £1000 Syringes (Box of 100) £13
Reception Area £500 Suturing Staple Gun £25
Conference Room £2000 Sharps (Box of 100) £3.50
Bathrooms (x2) £1000 (each)
Rehabilitation Facilities Rehabilitation Equipment
Bird Aviaries (x6) £1500 (each) Heat Lamps £50
Stables (x6) £2000 (each) Cleaning Tools (e.g. forks, shovels, brooms etc) £10
Ponds (x4) £1000 (each) Hedgehog Boxes £20
Deer Paddock £7000 Wheel Barrows £50
Water Fowl Paddock £3000 Buckets £4
Workshop £1000 Grasper Poles £120
Feed Room £1000 Fox Carriers £45
Straw / Hay Store £1000 Badger Carriers £55
Equipment Store £1000 Feeding Bottles £5
Wildlife Garden (planting & construction) £20,000