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Friday 19th July 2019, 13:28

South Essex Wildlife Hospital


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Better safe than sorry 😕

Such a shame. Unpredictable English weather again ☔️☔️☔️

Tom Bell.

Monday 8th July 2019, 0:55

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

we are pretty stuffed with hedgehogs looking for release sites which is particularly worrying as we have several nursing mother's who have come in having had their nests disturbed like the one in this short video that arrived a few days ago. once old enough to be weaned, these youngsters must also be found suitable habitat which seems to becoming as rare as the animals themselves. please folks, it's not hard to make your gardens wildlife friendly, why not consider putting a few holes at ground level in your fences and let the hedgehogs in ! ... See MoreSee Less

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If folk are interested and meet the criteria, please e-mail us with your postcode, telephone number and photographs of your garden where possible. e-mail

We’d happily have them at the back we have the occasional one in the garden

I have hedgehogs regularly in the garden as no badgers around and plenty of snails and slugs. I actually left the back of the garden over grown with lots of leaves and logs for them to nest in. Also made a hedgehog house a couple years back for them in the winter. They wander around a few gardens either side as everyone seems to leave a fence out or with a cut out at the bottom. would happy to have the guys around.

I’d have them here in a heart beat. I’m amazed I’ve never seen any. We have hedge rows al around us, many snails and slugs. Log piles and lots of cover yet I’ve never seen one here. I don’t know what to do to encourage them more

Hi, I have a 95ft garden, complete with hedgehog ‘highways’ in fences etc. I garden organically and essentially have a wild life garden. I have a(?)hedgehog that visits and I have 2 cats that just don’t bother with either the birds, hedgehog visitors or even the newts or frogs in the pond (with safe,raised edging). I’d live there to be more hedgehogs in our area again, it’s a lovely old part of Chesterton where gardens are big and divided by a labyrinth of age old passageways. I’d gladly adopt/foster any hedgehogs that need a safe place. One other thing I have in abundance are snails and slugs, so it would happily be a mutual benefit to all... Please let me know if I or my garden are of use to you ....regards 😊🦋

so cute xx

I’m happy to offer our land as a release site - we have a small 25 acre grassland farm near Castle Hedingham and the nearest road is a mile away, no neighbours and close to a 60 acre wood. We have had a few hedgehogs released here in the past. Fee free to message me if you’d like to have a look - would love to help out more hedgehogs!! X

We have about 6 hedgehogs feeding in our garden every night, we put out Spikes and plenty of water, we have left a small gap in our gravel boards for them when the fence was erected and on the other side of our garden there is a 5” gap under our gate so they can forage, snack, drink and wander through in either direction, we avoid pesticides and weed killers. My shed also sits on sleepers so if they want to shelter or nest they can be our guest. We’ve been feeding and watching for years.

They are such gorgeous creatures. Will share this today!!

We have four acres of grazing and wooded areas in great Leigh’s area which we’d be more than happy to release in for you - let me know if that’s of any help x

I would Love them to come in my garden.

My father in law has a 5 acre small holding near Bedford’s park Romford and is happy to be a release sight

Ive emailed a couple of times we have 2 acres un-fenced surrounded by farmland but no one replies - good luck, hope they find lovely homes

There is lots of woodland at Langdon Hills, I'm happy to help with release xx

We would love them but never hear back from any charities!!!!

How can I get them to come in? No gate on front, I planted loads of hedging plants, with an without Thorn's mainly with. When I'm trimming it back I'm leaving a lot of it fall to the ground for hedgehogs to live on, if they wanted. I've got water in my back garden side and front. I live in N. Wales so much countryside around me, maybe they don't need to come in?

Bless xx

Our garden is getting wilder and we already have one or two but there may be room for more. It’s better if they can do steps. We have no gates but there are concrete steps from where I feed them down to the grass and bushes.

Our garden is mostly surrounded by a listed wall so not possible but we’d be happy to have a resident family?

I’ve emailed you before, please can we help?

I’d love to have loads released here, unfortunately we have to many badgers and they have slaughtered our hedgehog population here now so it wouldn’t be fair on them to be released round here :0(

We can have them. You have my email.

We have a a big garden surrounded by fields. Please let me know if we can help as a release site x

Our garden is wildlife friendly for hedgehogs, no strimmers, sprays or poisons. Fence has hedgehog holes to come and go. I feed the visitors and live right on edge of village countryside .

wish I could but live to near southend road use to have them visit my garden would be willing to take a last mobile one to keep in garden

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Monday 8th July 2019, 0:37

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

a small selection of our recent patients, keeping us extremely busy . there are so many kind people taking the trouble to help injured wildlife by bringing the creatures into our hospital for veterinary treatment and rehabilitation. well done! 😊 ... See MoreSee Less

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Too many cat victims! It’s about time their right to roam was stopped.

Fantastic work you all do.

What wonderful work you all do. The poor cat victims 😢

Thank you for looking after these beautiful creatures xx

I went and took a baby crow the other day so hope it’s ok was told not to phone and check as they to bizy and have lots of paperwork I also took up a bag of white towels up for them I would like to no what happened to it as I tryed my best to help it and take up there but felt the man that was there wasent very helpfull

Excellent job as usual.

Monday 8th July 2019, 0:15

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

a great team of folks from countryside properties and plantstyle came to help us again this week with some urgent ground work , overgrown weeds were tackled, our gravel drive got a top up , a falling down gateway got fixed and even some painting all got done. great achievement , thank you everyone. please come back soon ! ... See MoreSee Less

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Thanks to all that helped!

Hi South Essex. I’m trying to find a fox cub which we rescued that I was told ended up with you, who can help me? Thanks

Sue rob is a landscaper anything you need call me anytime xxx

What a kind deed indeed

Friday 28th June 2019, 19:11

South Essex Wildlife Hospital 11 year old Phoebe fundraises for us every year and this year is no different! She has just spent 8 hours drawing birds, here is the resut! Well done Phoebe! There's still time if anybody would like to show their support and sponsor her 😀 ... See MoreSee Less 11 year old Phoebe fundraises for us every year and this year is no different! She has just spent 8 hours drawing birds, here is the resut! Well done Phoebe! Theres still time if anybody would like to show their support and sponsor her :D

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Having completed her bird drawing marathon for us, Phoebe is choosing a few lucky sponsors to recieve her bird drawings. So, if anybody wants to get in a last minute sponsor you might be in with a chance of getting one 😁

Well done Phoebe , I was lucky enough to receive one of your beautiful drawings last year and I must say they just get better and better! 🙂

Wow she's very talented! Beautiful drawings Pheobe! 😍😍😍

They are beautiful Phoebe well done you and for the good work for the South Essex Wildlife Hospital xx

Well done darling there fantastic. Your a little star xxx

Thank you everyone, she is very tired today but very pleased with herself 😀 Her fundraiser is open a little longer if anybody would like to sponsor 🙂

Beautiful, lovely bald eagle

Beautiful, lovely bald eagle

Well done! X

She is a talented young lady. Is that bella the swan in the pic? lol. Keep up the great work! x

Beautiful drawings! nice Toucan.... !

Tuesday 11th June 2019, 0:32

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

the last few weeks heavy work load has kept us extremely busy. the summer months stretch our limits but with your support we will get through it! thank you to everyone who has helped , many hundreds of patients have come, and gone many are still with us. we will continue to welcome those that are destined to arrive on our doorstep in need of our care. ... See MoreSee Less

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Keep up the good work. !x

Amazing people x

I think you are all truly fantastic people! It must be such a difficult job day in, day out! Well done! X

Your amazing thank you so much xxx

Bless you all for being there x

What fantastic work you all do!

I love you guys, your all angels x

You do an amazing job! Xx

Great work.

Keep up the good work , you are all amazing 👏

Your all amazing, thank you xx


Fantastic work you all do! Well done!

Amazing people xxxx

wow and thankyou for all you do for these poor animals you do amazing work with them to make them better x


Bless you for all you and prayers for these poorly animals x

All of you there are truly incredible. 😃😃

Thank you for all you do.

Thank you for what you do for all critters

Hiya, I’m looking for a fox cub we rescued who had been hit by a car. He would have come from medivet in dartford. They said he would be coming into you once he was stable to travel? C

Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!



Caoimhe Phillips

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Sunday 9th June 2019, 18:00

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

We are in desperate need of towels and flannels if anyone is having a clear out. Sharon ... See MoreSee Less

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Folks please phone the hospital for the address and directions

I called in just now regarding a baby seagull which I will be bringing int this evening and I have a bunch of towels that aren't needed so will bring them with me.

Anyone that doesn't drive or can't get to Orsett, I can collect from Harold Hill, collier row, Chadwell heath, gants Hill, gidea Park and elm Park. I take bags every few months as we collect them at the doctor's surgery where I work. Please feel free to private message me and I can sort out a pick up.

We have a bag of old towels waiting, wasn't sure who to give them to!!

Paula will deliver some tomorrow xx

I will have towels soon and loads of bedding if you can make use or know anywhere that does?

I have been collecting around the village. Hopefully will have a nice contribution by Tuesday 🤗

Sharon, I’ve got the hog house built, if you let me know about collecting, I can maybe do a local collect and drop thing off it helps from Loughton?

I have got a few ready to go but unfortunately I don’t drive. Is there anyone who could collect them?

I have quiet a bit but in chelmsford. Also a large dog bed that might come in handy if needed

I've put the word out.... Hopefully will have some to bring in soon xx

I have some towels, Can drop them in for you during the week

Hi I could post some to you. What is your Address?

I have quite a few, if you send me the address I can drop them off

Hi, I’m just getting together some towels for you, someone has offered a duvet but I don’t think u take them, is that right please? x

Can get 4 big bags to you Friday......a friend gets bags of towels from hotels that renew theirs....Do you want these?.....

Hi we will drop off about 150 towels for you on Wednesday xx

Can you PM me where I can drop some towels off please? I can drop some off tomorrow. They're old but clean

I have loads. I can drop them off on Tuesday if you send me the address

Where are u x

What's the address so I can drop some off?

I have a black bag full for you. Do you need sheets too?

Will have a sort out and drop some into you

I have some towels but don't drive Hathaway road if anyone can pick up.

Where are you?

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