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Tuesday 11th June 2019, 0:32

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

the last few weeks heavy work load has kept us extremely busy. the summer months stretch our limits but with your support we will get through it! thank you to everyone who has helped , many hundreds of patients have come, and gone many are still with us. we will continue to welcome those that are destined to arrive on our doorstep in need of our care. ... See MoreSee Less

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Amazing people x

Your amazing thank you so much xxx

Bless you all for being there x

What fantastic work you all do! X

Keep up the good work. !x

Amazing! Thank you for all you do.

I think you are all truly fantastic people! It must be such a difficult job day in, day out! Well done! X

Your all amazing, thank you xx

Thank you for what you do for all critters

Thank you for what you do for all critters

I love you guys, your all angels x

What fantastic work you all do!

You do an amazing job! Xx

Thank you for all you do.

All of you there are truly incredible. 😃😃

Fantastic work you all do! Well done!


Amazing people xxxx

Keep up the good work , you are all amazing 👏

wow and thankyou for all you do for these poor animals you do amazing work with them to make them better x


Great work.


Hiya, I’m looking for a fox cub we rescued who had been hit by a car. He would have come from medivet in dartford. They said he would be coming into you once he was stable to travel? C

Thankyou! Thankyou! Thankyou!

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Sunday 9th June 2019, 18:00

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

We are in desperate need of towels and flannels if anyone is having a clear out. Sharon ... See MoreSee Less

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Folks please phone the hospital for the address and directions

I called in just now regarding a baby seagull which I will be bringing int this evening and I have a bunch of towels that aren't needed so will bring them with me.

Melanie Ditmore

Hi we will drop off about 150 towels for you on Wednesday xx

Can get 4 big bags to you Friday......a friend gets bags of towels from hotels that renew theirs....Do you want these?.....

Anyone that doesn't drive or can't get to Orsett, I can collect from Harold Hill, collier row, Chadwell heath, gants Hill, gidea Park and elm Park. I take bags every few months as we collect them at the doctor's surgery where I work. Please feel free to private message me and I can sort out a pick up.

I have quiet a bit but in chelmsford. Also a large dog bed that might come in handy if needed

I've put the word out.... Hopefully will have some to bring in soon xx

Angela Allum Eve Allum might be worth sharing to your local friends x

Nicola Jane Haynes for all those towels people keep giving you 😂

We have a bag of old towels waiting, wasn't sure who to give them to!!

Will have a sort out and drop some into you

Sharon, I’ve got the hog house built, if you let me know about collecting, I can maybe do a local collect and drop thing off it helps from Loughton?

I have a black bag full for you. Do you need sheets too?

I have quite a few, if you send me the address I can drop them off

Janet Gentle was you looking for somewhere to give towels too? X

Where are u x

Is there anyone that can collect from Upminster

Can you PM me where I can drop some towels off please? I can drop some off tomorrow. They're old but clean

Jackie Colledge do you still get them in at the charity shop? Xx

I have some towels, Can drop them in for you during the week

I have been collecting around the village. Hopefully will have a nice contribution by Tuesday 🤗

I will have towels soon and loads of bedding if you can make use or know anywhere that does?

Amanda Webber just in case you are throwing away any in your move 😊😊

I have loads. I can drop them off on Tuesday if you send me the address

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Sunday 9th June 2019, 15:58

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

We are once again looking for hedgehog release sites. With hedgehogs facing huge challenges because of us humans it is really important that we try to release them to suitable habitat, ideally woodland, and especially where there are no busy roads, badgers or enclosed gardens. We are also looking for proven habitat, so there must be evidence of existing hogs. We realise that this is tough criteria but if we have any hope of saving our wild hedgehogs, we must aim to release them to the best possible habitat. Below is the full criteria. If you think you are suitable, please e-mail for the attention of Sharon to Please contact us through e-mail only including photos where possible of gardens and surrounding habitat. Please put your postcode and telephone number in the e-mail. It will take Sharon some time to sift through everyone so please be patient. CriteriaProven habitat, evidence of existing hedgehogs in the area. *no enclosed gardens, they need access to several which are of suitable type*no badgers or hedgehog munching dogs*no access to poisons, slug pellets, swimming pools, high sided ponds, bonfires, uncovered drains, low hung netting or traps *no busy or dangerous roads.*no parks or playing fields.they do need;woodland and hedgerow, good foraging areas were they can find insects and nesting materials. access to a nest box and we would want you to provide food for them at least till they decide they don't need you any longer. ... See MoreSee Less

Comment on Facebook

Wish I lived some where suitable... Love hogs 😍

What about the chase at dagenham. It goes all the way to Elmpark and there is stable, and a cemetery, or they could go in with the bee hives.

I would love to, but I was going to take one in week from someone who rescued it from road, she checked with hedgehog rescue , apparently they said they have to be released from where they were initially found?

We still have one hog, maybe 2, although we haven't seen one or either for a couple of weeks. We used to have a visiting badger but haven't had one this year. Otherwise it's the kind of garden you like.

We have two hedgehogs in our garden, they either live in the garden or the little bit of woodland out the front of the houses. Not sure about badgers but have Fox’s around, nice quiet area, we don’t have a nesting box but we think they are living in the gardens, but would be happy to get a box

Always happy to have more hedgehogs.x

Oh my auntie was only saying she would like a few wild hedgehogs that she could care for. She doesn’t have any set ups or beds or anything as it was only just mentioned, but she lives in a rural area and would love to do this xx Jan Clark x

I have a dog but we also have hedgehogs, my dog has no interest in them. The garden is perfect and I’m happy to feed

I live on a private estate which has access to woodland. It’s very quiet.

How about the Manor in harold hill, it's beautiful woth plenty of deer and wild life

We are always happy to release here, though we only have one hog box free at the moment in the garden as the bees have nested in the other one!

We have roughly 5 hedgehogs in our garden. All happily living under our expansive decking, fed & watered nightly . Happy to accommodate more if you need somewhere.

We have 2 hedgehogs living at ours that are fed and watered nightly

Can it be a public area? Theres a small woods near me that would be perfect

We live in a woods no neighbours no fences but I have not seen any hedgehogs but in saying that would I being so open ?

Hope you find lots of good sites for them ♥️ 🦔🦔🦔 x

Elms park nature reserve in Heybridge Maldon perfect for hedgehogs

Hopefield Animal Sanctuary Brentwood?

Unfortunately there's badgers everywhere now.

I will email Sharon tomorrow x

Chris Boreham

Stacey Fletcher

Charlotte Dilworth

Victoria Tremlett

John Duncombe

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Sunday 2nd June 2019, 16:05

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

Another fun way of supporting wildlife is through our local Essex Lottery. You would be helping us and you may even win! ... See MoreSee Less

Another fun way of supporting wildlife is through our local Essex Lottery. You would be helping us and you may even win!

Thursday 23rd May 2019, 0:46

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

the orphan hedgehog season has started, we have had several disturbed nests bought in over the last couple of weeks. please be careful when tidying your garden not to interfere with any wildlife homes . ... See MoreSee Less

the orphan hedgehog season has started, we have had several disturbed nests bought in over the last couple of weeks. please be careful when tidying your garden not to interfere with any wildlife homes .

Comment on Facebook

We have a hedgehog nest In our neighbours’ front garden. I have a clear view of it. Only ever seen one hedgehog though. We get lots of slugs so hopefully they are well fed. How long do they use the nest for? Is it just a summer thing or do they hibernate there too?

Cute little prickles

Are you ever looking for homes for them?

How cute are they, on a more serious note I really hope they survive as our hedgies are really in decline thankyou for being there to help them and all our wildlife

Plenty of room in Ss154ah in the play area with plenty of tree, shrub cover with gardens backing on area.

Dorian Long Sally-Ann King yours be be looking for a place to have babies?

awww they are so cute !!!

So cute ❤️💙🐕🐕

Laura Sweeney

Terry Holder

Maria Allen 😥


Maria Allen 😥

Thursday 23rd May 2019, 0:38

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

we had another poorly badger cub arrive tonight, she is not using one of her front legs properly although nothing obvious has shown up on the x-ray. vet Tom has put her on a drip as she is quite dehydrated and refused to eat or drink. ... See MoreSee Less

we had another poorly badger cub arrive tonight, she is not using one of her front legs properly although nothing obvious has shown up on the x-ray. vet Tom has put her on a drip as she is quite dehydrated and refused to eat or drink.

Comment on Facebook

Poor little girl

I have set up a donation for you x

Thank you so much for helping and careing

She actually looks happier than he does 🤣❤

Everything crossed for her sweet baby x

Bless her heart 🐾

Hope she’ll be OK after some TLC! 🤞🏻

Bless its cotton socks lovely animal

Delightful little badger. I hope she recovers quickly.

Love badgers I hope she's ok bless her xxx

Awww, please let her be ok 🙏

South Essex Wildlife Hospital. If you need any help at all let me know!! At the moment have a fox, 2 vixens and 3 cubs in garden. Also regular visits from a badger and cub! Would love to help.

Such a great team at the Wildlife Hospital! 👍

She's a lucky girl to have you caring for her. If anybody can give her a chance to get better it will be you.

Aww poor little love. She is gorgeous. Get well soon, bonny little lass. Xx

Oh bless her, i hope she is better soon.

Look at her beautiful little face ❤️

OMG xx so beautiful xx

Thank you.. Hope she is able to go home fit soon

She is absolutely beautiful. There needs to be more people like you in the world who appreciate and care for nature!! xx

Hope it makes a full recovery, you guys are awesome ♥️

Amazing creatures, thank-you so much for doing a brilliant job caring for them. I love to see one in my garden.🤞

Hope she makes it

Bless , hope he / she makes a full recovery 💙 🦡


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Monday 20th May 2019, 10:42

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

so we are back with a land line, its been a very stressfull day with the calls to the mobile not being answered if we are already on a call, ( no engaged tone !) apologises to the people whos calls we lost, hope you kept trying. off to bed at last...we hope ! sorry everyone our phone line is down, our calls are being diverted to our emergency mobile until BT have fixed their fault. please don't call between 10pm and 8am unless your call is urgent. thank you. ... See MoreSee Less

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