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Wednesday 16th October 2019, 14:03

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

We are in desperate need for towels and flannels for the animals please. ... See MoreSee Less

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Where are you please?

I literally just donated mine to the dog rescue 😢 I've got loads of newspaper also if you can use that?

I have good quality towels. Am updating my towels, so am looking for a home for them. Only thing is, I can’t deliver as I’m currently at home with a broken wrist and cannot drive.

I've emailed about helping with hedgehog release sites. When we come to pick them up I'll drop some towels in

I have quilt covers sheets pillow cases, are they of any use to you?

I’ve got some duvets and duvet covers, is that any good? x

I have lots of stuff you can have for the animals CM3 6AH postcode I dont drive you do great work thank you

I'm about to replace my memory foam mattress topper after Christmas - would the old one be any good for you? It's 5cm thick, king size

I have some towels and will have a sort to see what else. Will deliver next week. X

I have some - I’ll drop them off tomorrow. 😊

I have 3 super king size duvet covers that my dogs have chewed through plus one duvet itself also chewed through!! Are you these any good to you or do they need to be perfect (no I'm not talking about the dogs - that ship has sailed! 😂😂)

Where are you I have loads xx

I have some baby blankets is that any good?

I will have stuff in the next couple of weeks so where are you to drop off please x

Shared x

I can help here. Just clearing my aunts house and there’s loads. Do you need bed linen too? X

Are old pillows any good? X

Can you use sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers??

I’ve got some which I will get delivered to you in the next few days

I have two sacks full collected today from friends which will be on route to you in the next 48 hrs

I have towels

Helen Donovan, this wildlife rescue would really appreciate your old towels x

I’ve got some - will try and drop off this weekend

I’ve got some to bring in so I’ll pop them to you either later or tomorrow 😊 x

Where do we send or deliver them to? Is it possible to put it in the status, so it can be shared further?

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Wednesday 9th October 2019, 9:14

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

update....the power is back but will be off again for a short while a bit later.sorry folks we are currently having a power cut so have no phone ☹ ... See MoreSee Less

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If u have direct lines ( not through a switch / handling equipment) plug a corded phone in to your socket this should give u an emergency line in times of power failure 👍

Oh cRap! Nice quiet day for you then! lol!! X


Monday 7th October 2019, 18:34

South Essex Wildlife Hospital ... See MoreSee Less

Video image

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Saturday 5th October 2019, 15:39

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

We are once again looking for hedgehog release sites. With hedgehogs facing huge challenges because of us humans it is really important that we try to release them to suitable habitat, ideally woodland, and especially where there are no busy roads, badgers or enclosed gardens. We are also looking for proven habitat, so there must be evidence of existing hogs. We realise that this is tough criteria but if we have any hope of saving our wild hedgehogs, we must aim to release them to the best possible habitat. Below is the full criteria. If you think you are suitable, please e-mail for the attention of Sharon to Please contact us through e-mail only including photos where possible of gardens and surrounding habitat. Please put your postcode and telephone number in the e-mail. It will take Sharon some time to sift through everyone so please be patient.CriteriaProven habitat, evidence of existing hedgehogs in the area.*no enclosed gardens, they need access to several which are of suitable type*no badgers or hedgehog munching dogs*no access to poisons, slug pellets, swimming pools, high sided ponds, bonfires,uncovered drains, low hung netting or traps*no busy or dangerous roads.*no parks or playing fields.they do need;woodland and hedgerow, good foraging areas were they can find insects and nesting materials. access to a nest box and we would want you to provide food for them at least till they decide they don't need you any longer. ... See MoreSee Less

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I would love hedgehogs in our garden we have woodland, am away from any roads and I think it would be perfect, but guess what we live on Brock Hill so I guess that says everything. 😩

After an initial flurry of activity this petition has gone quiet: I hope that I'm not breaking any page rules by sharing it here; please take the time to sign & share everyone...💗🦔

We have a resident hedgehog, my next door neighbour feeds it, we don't as we have greedy dogs, it lives under our decking, however we do have a small woodland near us we walk the dogs daily so could put up there if you wanted us to. Or could join our hedgehog in our garden.

Had a hedgehog walking round our garden 3 am last week. I put cat food out late at night....had hedgehogs due to signs of poo. In upminster happy to help. Fit criteria...

Speak to the local scout groups, these have woodland areas that are ideal, would also be educational for the youngsters to be involved

I’m in Panfield in Braintree area, already have resident hogs and surrounded by good environment. There are gardens but we are all quite open for wildlife and have fields all round. Check out on google earth, Kynaston Road Panfield

Sadly I'm not far from a busy road, and the local hedgehog population is busy but isolated. One in the feeding shelter tonight scrunching up cat biscuits. From the number of droppings, must be half a dozen or more coming every night for the cat biscuits and food. Some nights one eats the dog food put out for the vixen...

Wish I could help but not this time.

I live in West Hanningfield. We have 18 acres. One field is away from a main road but has a small single track road run alongside it. More than welcome to come have a look and assess it.

Have you contacted Rochford District council to see if Gusted hall/hockley/belchamps/bluebell Woods is suitable?

Ah it's such a shame. We have woodland in front of us that would be perfect. Unfortunately, I've never seen a hedgehog here and I think it's mainly due to the fact we have a sett of 8 or more badgers. 😔

Belfairs Woodland Centre may be able to help you

We have a nice site a few actually

Our garden successfully supported a mama and 3 hoglets to grown ups this year. We have leaf piles, log piles and 3 natural exits from our garden. We live in a cul-de-sac and we dont have Badgers anywhere nearby. Happy to rehome if found suitable. 🙂

How do I find evidence of hedgehogs? They do pass through our garden regularly but how to prove it? 🤔

I feed a hedgehog every night I have a house that he comes to at the same time. I don't mind taking in another one. Wickford.

Nature reserve memorial park three arches Wickford

Sigh..I have badgers and foxes so not suitable😔

There is a population on Burgh Heath near Epsom, albeit that the woods are next to the A217

Might be able to help but not sure if there are hogs already In residence.

Patsy Abrey here's the list of criteria for being a hoggie release site Auntie P! Xx

Would you guys consider releasing in Norfolk?

Tina Markham... does your lovely place fit criteria?

Laindon nature reserve, watyler.?

Roni O'Brien x

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Sunday 29th September 2019, 13:55

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

Timeline Photos ... See MoreSee Less

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Magnifique photo ❤

Beautiful photo of a most stunning creature 🤗


Beautiful xx Dean Martyn Heath


I’ve got a massive garden for release sites

Been feeding them in my garden 🥰

Jordan Webb ❤️

Saturday 28th September 2019, 8:49

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

We would like to say a big thank you to the fabulous Trish Parsons from SafeFur Fundraising UK for donating a whopping £250 to us from an online auction. We are very grateful. Please support this charity if you can as Trish fundraises for numerous animal charities 💚 Sharon ... See MoreSee Less

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Glad we have been able to support such a wonderful charity 🥰

Well done Trish x Please feel free join and help lots of rescues & Charities 👍🏼

Friday 20th September 2019, 20:03

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

We would be really grateful if our supporters could take a moment to vote for us on Brambles page to win some hog food. Don't forget to comment on their post and not this one 😀 thank you, Sharon******************VOTING NOW CLOSED **********************************Giveaway for your favourite Wildlife Rescue from Brambles Pet & Wildlife & Rosewood Pet Products😃Nominate your favourite Wildlife Rescue in the comments and 3 winners will each receive a whopping 60 tins of Brambles Meaty Hedgehog Food! Winners will be picked at random & announced Tuesday.Please also Like & Share 🦔😀🦔 ... See MoreSee Less

We would be really grateful if our supporters could take a moment to vote for us on  Brambles page to win some hog food. Dont forget to comment on their post and not this one 😀 thank you, Sharon

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Done. Good Luck x

Done good luck x

Done good luck x

Done. Good luck x

Done xx

Done ,👍 best of luck xx

Done xx

Done xx

Done x

Done x

Done - good luck 💕

Done! X

Done x

Done x

Done x

Done x

Done x

Done x

Done x

Done x

Done xxx

Done xxx

Done! 🦔

Done! 🦔

Voted x

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