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Tuesday 14th January 2020, 1:09

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

the video was stopped before the screaming started. we tried our best to save this fox that had been poisoned. heartbreaking to watch but people must see how these poor animals , including pets, suffer when toxins take their toll. amendment: the vet was preparing meds as quickly as possible whilst a volunteer took the video, the suffering was not prolonged in order to film. ... See MoreSee Less

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For those of you suggesting that we allowed this poor fox to suffer, I would like to reassure you that this was not the case. This was filmed while the veterinary staff were preparing the necessary medication. The reason that Sue started the charity 30 odd years ago was to help our poor wildlife who suffer so badly at the hands of humans. Sue has dedicated her whole life to helping wildlife and has rehabilitated, released and eased the suffering of thousands of animals over the years. There is no one else that I know personally that would do what she does 24/7. Our vet is the most compassionate man I know and he works tirelessly behind the scenes in surgery and out on rescues. Any anger here is completely misdirected. We all have a responsibility to help our wildlife. It isn't just in the hands of a team of dedicated volunteers. Poison is still widely available in shops and although it must be accessible only to the target species, i.e. rodents, it is often used incorrectly where other animals can get to it and can accidentally harm wildlife and domestic animals. We often get poisoned cats as well as wildlife. Please put your energy into something positive like campaigning to get poisons banned from public sale. Finally, all of our dedicated volunteers are normal human beings and please imagine the distress when we are confronted with these incidences. To then suggest we prolonged this poor fox's suffering to film it is appaling. If this is hard for you to watch, imagine what it is like dealing with the reality of this day in day out. I would like to apologise to our volunteers who read these negative comments. Finally, for those saying that the people responsible for this act won't see it, our images frequently turn up everywhere and often reach national news. Sharon

I worked at a wildlife hospital for 5 years and I completely understand that there needs to be awareness but I would never have dreamed of standing there videoing an animal suffering to that extent, it would have been euthanised immediately to minimise suffering....

Too many monsters in this world..this is heart breaking Foxes are such lovely animals...weve had dens in our garden over 20 years..families come and harm to.our cats or damage I have to feed ours on front garden as our cat on special diet only..2 or 3 foxes at 10pm.every night trot along our road every night see what treats they find..bless all.their hearts.. Run free over rainbow bridge xxxx

How on earth could anyone stand filming this just to post on social media for 'awareness'??? I am disgusted. I know these things happen, the large majority of people who love and care about animals know. Those who put down poison mostly dont care about the effects. As long as it gets rid of what they consider to be 'vermin' then for them, its a job done. Its beyond me how you could film this and not put this poor animal out of its suffering - Im truly shocked and beyond disgusted.

I think it’s disgusting you’ve stood to video this watching it suffer further!!!! You should have put it out of pain immediately not used it for a poxy video! This is shocking that a wildlife hospital has done this !!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not understand why the outrage and negative comments are not directed toward manufacturers, users, laws and public use of the vast array of poisons available. Shame on you all ! South Essex Wildlife Hospital is kind and compassionate and works to clean up the mess and suffering caused by THE PUBLIC AND CORPORATE USE OF TOXINS. Maybe volunteer for a few months in a wildlife facility and see the horrors that those of us see everyday before accusing wrongly! You don’t want to see this? Well, neither do we. But we alleviate suffering, can you say the same?

If you dont want to watch this, you have a thumb that is capable of scrolling down past this post. It is horrible to see, but then it points out numerous things. Poison should be banned on all levels, from rats to plants! It lets you witness the actual effects of poison to the body. Whether it be cat, dog, fox, rabbit.....or even human. It points out the horrifying scenes this hospital and other wildlife hospitals have to witness on a daily basis. It points out the amazing work this hospital does. So if you know what poison does to the body, then good! You can tell your neighbour if you witness them putting it down. But if you are here to moan because you saw the video and didnt want to.....that's your choice. It wasnt the foxes choice to eat poison and the vet had no choice but to put the poor creature to sleep.

Horrid. I’m so sorry this poor animal suffered and many More in the hands of some humans that choose not to seeing all creatures as beautiful souls that do not deserve harm from a human hand. Thank you for all you do 🙏

My heart breaks for our wildlife and the way they are treated, a dreadful end for such a beautiful animal. You must be devastated when you have to witness such cruelty, thank you for doing what you do.

People saying they didn’t need to film it, yes I understand it’s not nice to see but I also believe we need to be shown what evil there is around and how it affects our wildlife. I’m a huge lover of foxes and yes it’s extremely upsetting but unfortunately it’s a reality. At peace now baby no more suffering, RIP Foxy xxx

I understand that you are raising awareness, however the people seeing this on their feeds are people who love animals and the ones who follow rescue and rehab not the people who you really want witnessing this 😥 very upsetting to see this on my feed and very sad that the poor fox couldn't be saved .. just helpless 😥

I can’t share this as I know some of my friends would find it distressing. I can’t watch it, the still tells you all you need to know. I agree, it should be euthanized straight away once it couldn’t be saved. But I suppose it’s felt that the more harrowing, then the more impact “makes you sit up and think”. They are our wildlife and need protection from this grim end. If they have no natural predator to keep numbers in check, there’s more humane ways of doing it. They feel pain just like we do. I think laws should be brought in to better protect the animals. If people can cause this much pain to an animal...

This is horrible, I brought a baby rabbit into you back in the summer of 2019 and the poor soul had the exact same reaction as this poor fox. I do not understand why people must use poison, surely there are more humane and kinder ways to deter animals. This video needs to be seen for people to understand the horrible way in which these poor creatures suffer.

As a young girl i saw my best friend Peggy (golden retreiver) come in from the garden, lay down and start convulsing. I didnt know what was happening. I was scared, crying and trying to hold her, all the while begging my Mum to make her better. She died on the kitchen floor in my arms having been 'poisoned'. I was inconsolable, for years. We dont know what exactly poisoned her. That whole scenario has stayed with me all my life. Its a dreadful way to suffer - everyone needs to be aware of what poisons are and the damage and suffering they can cause to pets AND wildlife. Videos like this are hard to watch but witnessing this first hand is even harder...BE KNOWLEDGEABLE about the products you use and discard, sometimes discard inconsiderately.

It’s called educating people to reality , sometimes harsh images are needed to make things stay in your mind, if this video makes one person stop putting poison down or to educate another not to then it’s done it’s job . Horrible things happen in the world it’s about educating and sometimes this means the shock factor .

How long after this was filmed did he/she pass? Did the little one get put to sleep or waited until the poison took over? The video is over 20 seconds+ to us it’s not long but for that little fox that would have felt like it was forever. How painful and terrified he/she would have been 😭 just hope she/he didn’t have to wait too long poor thing RIP 🦊 🌈

The work you do is amazing but the people who are viewing this video are wildlife and animal lovers, it's not reaching the real people that need to see this 😔 had to hide it from my timeline as its really upset me

problem is most people who are killing our wildlife won’t be on here watching and feeling sorry for the fox 😞 the people watching or reading this are the caring ones so it may make an impact but not to the perpetrators who probably don’t give a shit just like any animal abusers / killers 💔

Are you able to help squirrels? We had a squirrel trapped outside our house all day last week. When I phoned the local wildlife hospital they said that nothing could be done as it was an invasive species and under new laws could not release into the wild. The fact that this was one of 4 that come into our garden didn't seem to matter. I hate to see wildlife suffer. I can understand how hard it was for you trying to treat this fox. Need to make sure that only people that know what they are doing deal with poison. Although would animals suffer like this if they caught a poisoned rodent and ate it?

The human race needs to be ashamed. A big thank you to the hospital for doing their best putting this poor fox out of pain. When are humans going to stop! We need to educate.These are beautiful animals.

💔 I am not going to attack south essex wildlife hospital and the person who is controlling the facebook page. I am going to say thank you for your work and all you do for the animals that people dont tend to care for as much!! This video must have been very distressing to film, the intention was to educate and that I have been.

Hurts so much to see such a beautiful animal suffering; hate these people who harm them. Just made a donation to you for all the good work you do please keep it up. Bless you

Thank you for caring and helping those animals that humans try to harm. Poor fox, they are beautiful creatures. Keep on with the compassionate work you do.

Oh, poor, poor baby. Wondering if this is one of the 3 we feed at the end of our garden in Orsett Road, Horndon. Please can you tell me if he had a bent tail? We have been calling him Mr Broken Tail. Actually in tears watching this because we've been buying them eggs and lamb bits... 😔

I can’t bear all these animal sufferings - why are people doing these things?!!! How can people be so cruel? The same needs to be done to them!

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Tuesday 14th January 2020, 1:09

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

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My beautiful 'Fern' ❣


Awww what a cutie 😍😍😍 xx

Beautiful ♥️

Totally adorable 🥰

Beautiful x

Seen these in bramble rd



Tuesday 14th January 2020, 0:33

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

hope y'all have had a great start to the new year, ours as been as busy as ever ! ... See MoreSee Less

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Thank you for all the tremendous work you do for our wildlife 😘

You all do a marvellous job. Thank you. 👏🏻

All these pictures are heartbreaking. You all do such a fantastic job . Thank you 💙

You are doing a fantastic job dont ever think any different!

Keep up the great work! x

Thank you for doing a wonderful job. Xx

Thank you so much for looking after our wildlife xxxx

Thank you for everything you do xx

You’re all stars! Fantastic work you do.

Thank you for everything you do. You surely do see some distressing sights. 😢

You guys all do such an amazing job!!! ❤️❤️❤️ xxx

So sad to see but what an amazing job you all do! xx

You guys are amazing xx 👏👏👏

Thank you so much. You are all wonderful people.

Love you guys! ❤❤❤

Heartbreaking to see these stories but thankful to you guys for doing a great job x

Thank you for all you do

Thank you guys. You are all angels x

Thank you all so very much ❤

Thanks for all you do 😘

You do a Sterling job !!!

I’d this the Grays seal? Is he still there??

Sunday 12th January 2020, 13:10

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

We are still looking for reliable release sites for our hedgehogs. We are getting more and more hedgehog admissions every year and with us humans creating more and more hazards for our spiky friends, we are limited in our choice of release locations. In order to be considered, you must have evidence of proven habitat. If you haven't got hedgehogs visiting, then there is likely to be a valid reason for their absence. Below is our full criteria which needs to be met. If you meet all the criteria and would like to help, please send your full address with postcode, contact number, and if possible, photographs of your garden and suitable habitat to Sharon Davies at CriteriaProven habitat, evidence of existing hedgehogs in the area.*no enclosed gardens, they need access to several which are of suitable type*no badgers or hedgehog munching dogs*no access to poisons, slug pellets, swimming pools, high sided ponds, bonfires,uncovered drains, low hung netting or traps*no busy or dangerous roads.*no parks or playing fields.they do need;woodland and hedgerow, good foraging areas were they can find insects and nesting materials. access to a nest box and we would want you to provide food for them at least till they decide they don't need you any longer. ... See MoreSee Less

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Folks if you can help and meet the criteria, please email me at with your postcode and contact number. Thanks, Sharon

I have hedgehogs visiting last couple of years in our garden and both neighbours we back on to alley that leads to wooded play area on Steepleview 1 ss154ah plenty of log piles & ground cover stream runs back of high road north, Queens Road laindon along to Dunton Road to arable farm land & laindon flood relief ideal I would think.

I’m not very near to you, based in March Cambridgeshire but we have 3 acres of land with trees, bushes, fields and fields of unused farmers land which provides lots of cover. Not a single road where we are just a quiet track down to where we live and a river bank close to us. If anyone’s ever passing this way you’re welcome to release some.

I can offer all this in Cambs, except the no badgers. We get lots of hedgehogs in our woodland, (6 acres), and have had regular ones visiting as well as hedgehogs breeding.... but we also have an active badger sett. The two seem to coexist ok, it’s good habitat for the badgers to find enough other food.

Got a hedgehog house and feeding station neighbour also has same set up. Regularly have hogs in garden, love them. Rescued a very underweight one last year, always happy to take more spiky babies! Chelmsford. Springfield area. Town but large (ish) garden in quiet, elderly area where no-ones fences block in gardens!

Sharon would you like me to take some more

10 years ago I had 20 hedgehogs from you to release at our farm in Shropshire!!! The whole village were amazing and looked out for all the hedgehogs even the school got involved... it was such an amazing thing to be involved in. 👍

We are in south Woodham Ferrers cm3 5rz and have hedgehogs visiting our garden. Happy to help and have a hedgehog house too

I have 2 hedgehogs that are in my garden have also put in a hedgehog house am aways putting food out for them I have a pond but is raised from the floor we have plenty of places for them to feed and hide.. I'm in Chadwell st Mary

I have hedgehogs last year havnt seen them again yet... my garden is 100ft long with bushes and my neighbours garden is the same. We have plenty of hedgehog holes made in the fence. I’m in witham x

We are based in Laxfield, Suffolk IP13. We have 5 acres which includes 2 acres of gardens. Our neighbours either side also have good gardens and land. We live on a quiet lane. We do have a couple of hedgehogs but am happy to take more. Im also happy to feed and use hedgehog houses. Just let me know if we can help. Ann

We have a nest box and hedgehog tunnel/hole, so maybe we’re in with a chance; I’ll contact the Hospital and ask. Thanks for the info.

Msg from Tim Scott Hi we have had a hedgehog for 2 years now lives under our decking our house backs onto an alley with lots of bushes and undergrowth he comes and goes as he pleases

I used to live in a bungalow backing onto Danehole hangman's wood. Loads of hedgehogs used to be about there.

We would love to help we have a large garden with a non maintained field next door and a hay field to the rear we don’t have pets and haven’t seen any foxes just plenty of squirrels

I have allotments at end of my garden roughly the size of a football pitch my back gate is left open all the time and I have hedgehogs that winter in my green house which is in my allotment we feed them in the summer also foxes every night would this be suitable ?

We did this one year and was lovely to see them come back with there little paint marks knowing they were the ones that we released, I’d love to do it again but unfortunately have since moved and live near a road, we would however consider having an injured one live in our garden once secured and made hedgehog friendly x

I’d love to take some, we’re completely rural, lots of log piles, but alas there’s badger setts in the surrounding field!

I did mention before a lovely area called Apes Grove off New farm Drive near rM41BX. Surrounded by farmers froends. Never heard of any badger sets being round there

I'm happy to come and collect and release some more some of the ones I collected before Christmas are now hibernating xx

We have hedgehogs visit us regularly. We live in a quiet culdesac with lots of greenery around. They come to our front garden x

I guess you could use my garden. I live in little Baddow on the edge of Heather Hills 😊

Would love to take some. Dont have any dogs or cats. Have several areas where they could venture into neighbouring gardens. Have plenty of shrubs and bushes. happy to provide food and shelter x

We have several acres and some woodland?? Safe from our dog too!

We live on 2 acres and are open to being a release site for any animal. We are surrounded by set-aside and arable farmland. Ive emailed previously with no response but if you need us just let me know

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Friday 3rd January 2020, 20:16

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

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Does anyone know if our country and others are helping , we know the USA have sent firefighters 👍

Praying for it to stop. I was there in November and it was bad enough then but a whole lot worse now. Poor animals.

Over 480 million animals lost since September and no signs of it stopping 😢

Heartbreaking. There seems to be no end in sight. 💔😢

Truly horrible what is happening there.

Absolutely devastating 😥🙏🏻

Praying for each of them and endless praying for RAIN..RAIN..RAIN...

My heart breaks every time I see it on TV.....for the animals and people.......please let them have rain x

Praying 😪😪🙏🙏

Praying for rain for Australia 🙏

So so sad


So awful...cant stop thinking about it

please Rain Rain Rain




This post has links to donate to local charities to help the animals and people in Australia. X

Tuesday 24th December 2019, 21:45

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

happy christmas to all the kind and thoughtful folk who have supported us this year. y'all have been particularly generous with christmas gifts ( too numerous to mention them all) and donations . the goats now have coats and sue was over the moon with her new bird feeding trolly. the foxes are impressed with their new kennels and the volunteers were thrilled with all of the treats for them . and now most of our team have diabetes 😋. peace and love to every fabulous one of you xxx. ... See MoreSee Less

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Happy Christmas to you all and Thank You for all the help you have given Hectorsgate. Big hugs to Tom and Kate and Sue for everything xxx

Merry Christmas to you all and grateful thanks for all you do for our wildlife💕

Merry Christmas to all you wonderful people and the lucky animals you care for 🙂

Thank you for all the hard work you do for our wildlife x

Yes thankyou so much every one , so kind .. have a lovely Xmas ❤️

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for the New Year. Thank you for all your hard work throughout the year caring for our poorly wild animals. ❤ xx

Merry Christmas to you all and a huge thank you to you all for the amazing work you do xxx

Happy Christmas to you all. You are all wonderful dedicated people.

Sending you all the love and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year; where would we be without you? We already have the BEST pressie, having our Archie for a second Christmas... Thank you 😘😍🎄

Thank you all so much for everything you do , merry Christmas everyone , and a special kiss from Archie x

Happy Christmas to you all and to all the furries and feathered. Thanks for all you do. X

Happy Christmas and Happy New Year🥰🦔🦔🦊

Love you guys, all the best for Yule and 2020 ❤️


Do you need anything else? Xxx

Go to bed lol x

Merry Christmas thanks for all you do x❤️x

Merry Christmas to you. X

Saturday 21st December 2019, 14:17

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

If you shop at Amazon we would be really grateful if you could support us through Amazon Smile. Fund raising of this kind really helps us. Thank you, Sharon ... See MoreSee Less

If you shop at Amazon we would be really grateful if you could support us through Amazon Smile. Fund raising of this kind really helps us. Thank you, Sharon

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Always try n order my stuff thru amazon smile and always donate to you guys for the fab work you do

How can we set this up plz should we just search for amazon smile south essex wildlife hospital

Did this before I started xmas shopping. Great way to support.

Always order through Amazon smile and donate to you.

Ricky burns can you set this up as well plz x

Already do Amazon Smile

I do 😊 x

Have done it now

Sunday 15th December 2019, 15:00

South Essex Wildlife Hospital

We are delighted to be a part of the Essex Lottery. Please visit their website for more information on how you can support us and other local charities ... See MoreSee Less

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Wouldn’t it be great if local supermarkets supported you guys and donated tins of food 😁 Tesco Asda Sainsbury's Aldi UK Lidl GB

Thank you for all you do merry Christmas to you all x

You guys do a great job. Will be bringing more food to you on tuesday for the hedgehogs........

Proud of you all and love supporting you all !

Well done Sue

I am part of the team, maintenance dept.

We love you all at South Essex Wildlife Hospital! Thank you for everything you do for Archie (and Millie!) Xx

So pleased well done! 🥰

We really enjoyed shooting this film for you Sue 🙂

We saw a swan being carried in yesterday, round the back into surgery, by the RSPCA man.

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