Every week South Essex Wildlife Hospital struggles to find the £2000 needed to keep our facility running. The cost of food, bedding, medication and equipment is met only by public donations. As a voluntary charity we do incur petrol costs if a volunteer attends to collect a wildlife casualty so we are very grateful if animals are delivered to us, particularly if it is accompanied by a donation towards the cost of its treatment!

Here are some of the average costs for each patient that comes into our care:

To Treat –

Injured swan £120

Injured hedgehog £50

Injured badger £150

Injured fox £100

Injured bird caught by cat £20

Pigeon with canker (trichomoniasis) £20

A fox with mange £40

Rear / Rehabilitate –

Baby bird £15

Orphaned badger cub £300

Orphaned hedgehog £50

Orphaned fox cub £250

Orphaned owl £25

Over-winter an underweight hedgehog £100

There are an infinite number of patients and treatment scenarios. Needless to say we would not be able to help a single animal if it were not for the help from our supporters.

Thank you very much if you have helped us. If not please consider doing so to help us, help wildlife.